Why We Love Etching

At Auricchio Resurrection Monuments, we are passionate about what we do—creating custom headstones for your loved one or your own pre-planned monument. Through etching new monument lettering, etching beautiful symbols and realistic representations of loved ones from photographs, we are able to provide you with a cemetery monument that honors the memory of your loved one. To see some of our designs, click here. In this blog post we’ll talk about how we etch a headstone, why we love etching, and why you should too!


How We Etch a Headstone

Cemetery Headstone Etching - Eternity - Auricchio Monuments

1. First we determine what exactly you want through careful conversation, understanding if there is a specific look or design aesthetic you want, such as “polished,” “classy,” “rustic,” “rural,” or “natural.” These aesthetics can be represented in the material choice or in the etching style and often most predominantly through the lettering style. To read more about the influence of lettering style, read this article, “Monument Lettering Style Options.”

2. Then we learn about whether you want a specific religious symbol represented, their favorite hobby, an image of their most loyal and loved pet, or perhaps a photographic representation of your loved one.

3. From there we can determine the best style of etching to recommend, for example laser etching is preferred to create the most realistic photographic representations.


Why We Love Etching Cemetery Monuments

Our employees are all highly trained and skilled individuals who are determined to design and create the cemetery monument that best suites your desires and your budget. We are passionate about what we do, and consider the etchings we make on your loved one’s headstone a work of art.

Grave art like what we create for you through headstone etching has been popular since the Seventeenth century. To view some historically significant grave art and headstone symbolism, click here.

At Auricchio Resurrection Monuments, we enjoy etching inscriptions and images that are heavy in symbolism for you and your loved one. We know that when you visit the gravesite of your loved one, you will read the inscriptions and look upon these symbols to find comfort. That is why we do our very best work for each customer- every time, because each headstone is so very important. For some ideas for individualized and creative headstones, click here.


Etching Your Loved One’s Headstone

Whether we are etching an oversized double granite upright monument, a petite bronze foot marker, or anything in between, our design team can coordinate lettering, sizing, and symbols to fit the medium. We have many different cemetery monument material options and various etching styles to go with it.

Contact your Long Island Monument company at Auricchio Resurrection Monuments today to discuss a design for the perfect headstone. Reach us by phone at (631) 694-0940, or get started online by checking out our monument buying guide.