Why Purchase a Headstone From Auricchio Monuments?

When deciding on which headstone or monument company to use, it’s important to research the reputation, quality of work and years in the industry. J Auricchio Resurrection Monuments of West Babylon, Long Island has been providing quality headstones and memorials since 1938. Here you can find the top reasons you should choose Auricchio Monuments memorial services over the rest.

We understand when our clients come to us to purchase a headstone it can be a difficult time. It’s our priority to make the monument buying process as simple as possible.

What We Offer

  • Headstone Repair
  • Custom Headstone Design
  • Civic Memorials
  • Monument Laser Etching
  • Estate Plots
  • Pet Memorials And More
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    Our Headstone Craftsmanship is Guaranteed

    At J Auricchio Monuments all over our work falls under the Auricchio headstone guarantee. We promise all of our headstones are crafted using the finest materials and etched by our skilled workers, holding many years of experience under their belts. Every detail counts when creating monuments, we take all areas into consideration such as climate and monument material or making sure the color used matches the headstone design.


    We Offer Many Custom Headstone Options

    Choosing Auricchio Monuments of Long Island, allows you to have a wide range of monument material, design, color, letter style and etching options. Our team of skilled designers and headstone craftsman work together to create memorials that will properly honor your loved ones memory. There are many things to consider when designing a headstone, such as color choices, material options, engraving options and lettering styles. We also have experience designing and creating pet and civic memorials.


    We Don’t Just Create Headstones, We Clean & Repair Them To

    Headstones and Monuments are always prone to damage because of weathering and other climate conditions. We offer many headstone repair options in order to ensure you’re memorial is restored back to it’s original state. Restoring your headstone back to its original state may require re-etching the letters, filling in the cracks, resetting and reinserting the stone.


    Choosing J Auricchio Resurrection Monuments ensures quality headstone creation, repair and maintenance. If you’re in need of memorial services you can download or buying guide, fill out a contact form or give us a call. For your convinience we’re open 7 days a week.