Proper Care Instructions for Monuments

Proper care for your monument or memorial, ensures the quality is kept for years to come. Preserving the memories of your loved one is important and keeping their memorial in good shape is one of many ways you can do just that! There is a specific process to cleaning your monument and at J Auricchio Resurrection Monuments of Long Island, New York, we take pride in helping restore monuments and guide you through keeping them in the best condition possible.


Pre Cleaning Requirements

Before gathering the materials necessary to cleaning, it’s vital you inspect the headstone for any signs of chipping, flakes or deterioration. If the monument has any of those marks it’s in your best interest not to clean the monument yourself. In these cases cleaning the monument may cause more harm and make the conditions worse. If you have a monument you need cleaned you can contact J Auricchio Resurrection Monuments for a professional cleaning. We will examine the monument and find the best possible solution, for maintaining the stones purity, while removing and unwanted damage. In some cases you may need a duplicate monument, whatever the situation, we will help you find the best possible solution.


Best Practices for Cleaning a Monument:


1. Cleaners
Lets start with choosing the right cleaners. Any cleaners used in the household are forbidden because the chemicals can damage the stone or cause discoloration. The best cleaner to use is non-ionic detergents because the neutral PH doesn’t effect the older stones. Using non-ionic detergents requires patience, results are not always what you may expect.


2. Brushes
Next you want to take careful consideration in choosing a brush that is safe to use on any type of monument or memorial. Wire or metal brushes are unacceptable because they are to rough on the headstones exterior. The softer the bristle the better, if the softest bristle gets the job done stick with it. If your not seeing results you can go with a bristle that is a bit more stronger as long as you avoid wire and metal brushes.


3. Scrubbing
The rule of “from the top down” does not apply when it comes to cleaning your headstone. It’s best to start scrubbing from the bottom to avoid any material dripping down and potentially staining parts of the stone. Also the most successful way to scrub is following a circular motion which will bypass streaking and surface erosion.


4. Water
Avoid to much water pressure, pouring water from a bucket or water bottle over the headstone should be enough.


5. Aftercare
After you have cleaned your monument it’s best to periodically check up on it to make sure it’s holding up well. After a thorough cleaning its safe to go with light maintenance by simply using a water bottle and wash cloth to wipe it down.


These tips are accurate for slate, marble, granite, polished granite and unpolished granite. If you seem to still be having trouble with your headstone after an attempt to clean it, we can help. We are experts with incorporating proper care instructions for monuments of all types.



If you are ready to take the next steps in making monument repairs, or have any further questions, contact J. Auricchio Resurrection Monuments now.