Pet Memorials

Dog and cat together

At Auricchio Resurrection Monuments, Long Island’s most trusted headstone and memorial creators, we know that finding the right headstone for your pet can be a challenge. You love them like family; and now that they’re gone, what it the best way to memorialize them? There are many choices for pet memorials; and below we’ve listed some ideas to help you decide what’s best for you and your pet.

Engraving Ideas

Laser etching can be an excellent choice as this tool allows us to create exact photo replicas of your beloved pet engraved into the memorial. There are many other engraving options as well, such as sandblasting, hand carving and etching. Each has their own specific style and reflects best on different colors and materials. Contact us to discuss more about these headstone engraving options today.


Monument Material Choices

New monuments can be erected in many different materials, the most commonly used being: granite, sandstone, and bronze. Granite’s main benefit is that it comes in the largest variety of colors and is extremely strong to stand up to weathering. Sandstone on the other hand is not as strong as granite and may need to be repaired in the future from weather and other damage such as from fallen tree limbs. If you do find that your monument needs to be repaired, we can help create seamless repairs for you.


Creative Pet Headstones

Pet memorials can be as creative as their owners and as fun and playful as the memory of your pet. There are other creative touches you can put on your pet’s headstone to memorialize them. Some ideas are to engrave the image of their favorite toy on their monument, or their collar or tags.

You can even go a step further and carve the entire headstone into an image of your pet. Other monuments have standing headstones and a small carved 3-D figure of the pet in stone.


Contact Us

Contact us today to discuss your monument engraving and lettering options for a new pet memorial. We also offer a wide range of services such as civic memorials, mausoleums, new headstone lettering and more. We can also help you repair any monument, whether we erected it or not. By calling our staff at Auricchio Resurrection Monuments you are sure to reach the best in care and service to meet all of your memorial needs.