Pet Memorials

As anyone who loses someone they love must grieve, we know losing a pet is just as traumatic. A pet becomes part of the family unit and can be honored as any other family member. The unconditional love that is received from a pet can be memorialized. We offer granite pet monuments for all pet cemeteries. Our promise is to devote the same time, attention, and quality to your pet memorial, no matter how big or small.

Custom Pet Memorial Options:

Whether we are starting from scratch, or adding letters to an existing headstone, we have many options. We can match lettering on any existing headstones, so it looks exactly like the rest of the writing. Some of our frequently requested options for pet memorials are listed below.

Pictures: We can create exact pictures of your pet and have them added to your pets memorial. Pictures can help preserve great memories and time spent with your pet. We also can add other pictures to your headstone, such as paw prints, hearts or any custom designs you may want to add.

Epitaphs: We can add hand carved epitaphs to any new or existing monuments. Epitaphs give more insight to the personality of the loved one who has passed away. Epitaphs can include quotes, prayers, or words of wisdom.

Additional Features: Many people can get creative and have additional letters etched into their headstone. Some other ideas include, having objects inlayed into your pet memorial. If you choose we can inlay a pets collar or favorite toy into the headstone. If you have additional ideas please contact us so we can help you sort through additional options and ideas.