At J. Auricchio Resurrection Monuments, of Long Island, New York, we offer multiple ways to honor your deceased loved ones that fit any budget or desire. A mausoleum is a creative way to honor your family, both living and deceased.

Although headstones and family monuments mark love & history, a mausoleum can be dedicated to one person or more often to a whole family, and so is more related to a family estate plot. The main difference between the two of course is the scale: one being grand and the other grandiose.

Mausoleums are a great way to honor a family and their legacy. We guide families in the creation of these private and permanent above ground structures. We customize each construction, in order to provide for an elegant resting place. During your consultation we will show you different architectural plans and photographs of completed work. We work with your family in choosing the right cemetery. Every service from J. Auricchio Resurrection Monuments is constructed and installed professionally.

How the living pay their respect is another difference to consider: a mausoleum offers more private viewing and grieving as you can enter the mausoleum through a door and close it to the outside cemetery. This offers you the ability to be with your family & loved ones alone– no other people living or otherwise to impose on that precious moment shared while visiting their resting place.

Another benefit of a mausoleum or family estate plot is that many loved ones are placed near one another at the ease of visiting survivors, so that when one son or daughter visits their deceased mother they can also easily visit their grandmother and great-grandfather in the same visit. What a wonderful thing this can be, offering benefits beyond convenience: it offers opportunity for family to rest together and the satisfaction of surviving loved ones to know their family’s remains are comfortably held amongst family.