Cemetery Monument Designs

There are many options when choosing a memorial. When you visit a cemetery, you will see a wide variety of colors. Ornamentation applies to the various techniques used to create your loved one’s memorial. Our team of artists have decades of experience. Every design has meticulous attention to detail and will personalize your tribute to your loved one.
There are a number of factors that one must consider when buying a monument. Monuments are designed in such a way that they reflect the life of the deceased, particularly focusing on achievements, interests, and beliefs. In essence, a monument tells your family’s story for future generations.
Hand etched designs are done on site. We also offer laser etchings, which will be a precise duplicate of the desired picture. An etching gives a contemporary appearance for any design. Sandblast is a traditional service that gives a detailed, classic look. Hand carved designs will give an elegant look and texture to your memorial. The monument is sculpted by hand to portray a three dimensional image.
Etched Monuments



Embellished Monument

Indian Red Monument

This Indian Red Monument is embellished with hand carved roses and is further decorated by a polished rosary.
Gold Leaf Decorated Monument

Indian Black Monument

In a deep Indian Black color, the Caballero monument has gold leaf lettering and an etched portrait helping to memorialize the deceased.
Sandblasted Monument

Blue Pearl Granite Monument

In the shady Blue Pearl Granite, this monument is sandblasted with an overall religious theme, including flowers, a cross, and stylized stain glass windows.
Double Memorial Design

Bahama Blue Monument

At an astounding three feet wide, this monument is a double memorial for a shared plot. With beautiful prayer cards and a religious dedication, this wide monument displays a fringing design.
Monument Design

Red Granite Monument

This monument, in a shined red granite, has a classic Pavia heart design carved into the center above the name.
Monument Design

Blue Pearl Monument

Another shady Blue Pearl Granite Monument, this monument has a large, sandblasted and stylized cross on it.
Granite is offered in a wide range of different colors. It is quarried all over the world. Colors that are used for countertops may not be suitable for a memorial.
It is more important to know which colors will uphold in the climate that the cemetery experiences. A granite color used in a cemetery in the Southern US may not be recommended for the North, such as Georgia Grey versus Barre Grey.
The color being selected will also depends on the design being used. It can either enhance or subdue the appeal and beauty of the memorial. For example, granite colors that have a fine grain pattern, such as South African Impala or Evergreen are considered excellent for hand-carvings.
If you are looking for various color options, you may want to consider granite because it is available in a wide variety of colors such as red, black, green, pink, blue, etc. Granite is less expensive compared to bronze. Also, some cemeteries only allow granite memorials. But, the cost of granite gravestones depend on the color because it is quarried all over the world.