Civic Memorials

J.Auricchio Resurrection Monuments of West Babylon, NY is proud to be active in the community. We are experts at designing and installing civic monuments. Our memorials vary in size. We will provide and install any memorial where it is needed, such as parks, schools and sports fields, or historical and religious sites. Our civic monuments are a great example of quality craftsmanship and modern technology. Our dignified civic memorial pay tribute to veterans, firefighters, law enforcement officers, and others. You may contact us for a free estimate of your next project.

We work with individuals and communities to create everlasting Memorials. Civic Memorials are a way to honor people who have sacrificed their lives, or have greatly impacted a community big or small. Civic Memorials designate areas for communities to gather together and honor events, pay their respects and keep memories alive. Locations of a Memorial are just as important as the person being honored.There are many local Civic Memorials created for veterans, firefighters, law enforcement officers, and public figures. These special areas help us to be reminded of the sacrifices made to those who have lost their lives. Many of these locations include schools, towns, beaches, cemeteries and town and local parks. Civic Memorials are also created for people who have made a difference in the village, town, state or even country.

Choosing a Civic Memorial

When choosing a Civic Memorial many decisions must be made including raising funds, selecting designs/architecture, choosing a location and deciding on content. We have 75 years of experience with creating memorials that will last a lifetime and help honor loved ones for handwork and dedication. Our team of experts will help in choosing the right materials, that are made to withstand any weather conditions. We also take pride in helping match Memorials with the right landscapes, in order to display a professional display. We create a wide variety of Civic Memorials from simple plaques to eye catching statues. We have created many Civic Memorials for teachers and firefighters in the Long Island area.


Civic Memorial Options We Provide

We have created many plaques to honor teachers who’ve passed away, local firefighters and even important dates such as when a persons business was founded. Plaques are a great way to officially mark important events and memories.


We can carve any information such as names, date, designs, photographs, etchings or quotes right onto the granite. We also can add plaques to the boulder to make it stand out a bit. Boulder Memorials fit nicely in the outside environment and add to the landscape.


We can create benches with special messages etched into the granite . Memorial benches act as a functional feature to sit relax and enjoy the view. Our benches are available in multiple colors, finishes and sizes.


Some of our most popular statues include angels, saints, animals and soldiers. For more information on custom made statues you can contact us here.


J Auricchio Resurrection Monuments has a team of experts that will help you design Civic Memorials tailored to fit your budget. Contact us with any questions regarding Civic Memorials or any other services.