Our Monument Repair and Restoration Process

Over time headstones or monuments tend to suffer cracks, scuffs and fading letters, mostly due to weather conditions. At. J Auricchio Ressurection Monuments, of West Babylon, Long Island, we provide monument repair and cleaning services to have them looking like new. Our process of repairing the lettering or appearance of your monument, is explained in three simple steps below.


Our Headstone Restoration Process:


Contact Form: The first step is to fill out our contact form with all of your information. It’s important for us to have our certified craftsman visit the monument to observe the damage and figure out exactly what must be done. After the craftsman visits the monument, we can provide an accurate quote.

Review and Approval Consent: After we receive all necessary information, we provide you with a photo, of exactly how the new monument lettering will appear. The photo will provide an exact copy of any photos, symbols, additional dates and letter structure that will be added to your headstone. Once you have approved all of the information, we can get started on the project. We will not start any work, until you have approved the necessary materials.

Monument Engraving Process: All of our monument repair team members, are certified craftsman, with years of experience under their belts. Our craftsman, have the ability to mimic the unique characters of each headstone, allowing you bring the headstone back to its original appearance. The first step in repairing the monument, is to coat the areas of stone where the letters will be added or re-etched. All letters are coated with filler to fix any holes in the marble or granite. We use both sandblasted and hand carving techniques to etch the monument. The technique used varies depending on your style preference and type of stone you have.

Engraved Monument



Once your monument restoration or repair is completed we will notify you via email or phone. We can also provide a picture of the monument, to confirm your satisfaction. After your monument is restored, it’s important to know how to maintain a headstone. Providing proper maintenance will keep your headstone looking nice years to come. Please contact us for any question you have regarding your headstone. If your not sure whether or not you need a monument restore or new lettering we can send a expert to provide an estimate free of charge.