New Monument Material Choices

There are many different materials that we at Auricchio Resurrection Monuments can use to customize a beautiful monument for your loved one. The most common materials that we often use to create headstones are granite, marble, and bronze. Depending on the type of look you want: rustic or polished, what kind of climate and weather that is common: snow, heavy rains, humidity, etc, will also influence what material is the best choice. Granite, sandstone, and bronze each offer particular benefits and considerations. With our many years of experience working with customers, providing top quality headstones and headstone repairs, we will help you understand your options.
engraved headstone


Benefits to a Granite Headstone

    Granite is our most popular material choice for new headstones. There are many benefits to choosing granite:

  • Comes in many color options: over 30 commonly used with varying shades of red, pink, green, grey, blue, black, brown, and more.
  • Granite can withstand years of weathering from snow, ice, heavy rains, storms, and more. This makes it a great choice is areas that experience these forms of weather such as here in New York.
  • Granite is extremely strong: it doesn’t shatter like slate, deteriorate like sandstone, or stain like marble.
  • Granite offers the most versatility in how you can design, decorate, and inscribe the headstone with new lettering. It can be laser or hand etched, sand-blasted, polished, and carved.


Choosing a Sandstone Headstone

Sandstone is a beautiful material for a headstone or monument, however it is not as strong as granite. It is usually chosen for its unique banding that creates a warm, authentic and rustic look. On colored sandstone the bands are usually multicolored and strikingly beautiful.

Sandstone’s banding is due to layers of differing sand that are deposited over time. Another tex-ture called “cross-bedding” occurs in sandstone when dunes and ripples of sand have cut across earlier bands in the stone.

The color of sandstone varies due to the iron and manganese, which oxide, along with the pres-ence of other impurities can cause bright and contrasting colors in sandstones. Colors include hues of: bright white, reds, yellows, oranges and even purples and greens.


Bronze Memorials

Bronze memorials are very popular for their stunning presence and austere beauty. Bronze memorials have been a choice of civic associations and individuals for years, with such notable monuments being made of bronze such as the statue of Liberty. However one consideration you must be aware of is that bronze monuments require upkeep as when it oxidizes it turns a green color. Due to this it will need to be refurbished throughout the years. Thankfully we at Auricchio Resurrection Monuments and our highly skilled employees can service all of your restoration needs should you choose to memorialize your loved one with a bronze monument.



New Monument Lettering

Whether you choose granite, sandstone, bronze, or any other headstone material we offer, it can be sandblasted by our expert artists. At Auricchio Ressurection Minuments we offer the following forms of sandblasting for inscribing new lettering on to your monument.

  • V-Sunk Sandblasting
  • Shallow Blown Sandblasting
  • Outlined Frost Sandblasting


For more information about the different memorializing options including headstones, monuments, and mausoleums, or other detailing options such as etching, check out our monument buying guide or contact us directly.