Monument Enhancement

Unfortunately, all monuments fade over time. Erosion occurs naturally with the passing of time, and this can take its toll on monuments. Lettering may fade, or headstones may begin to sink into the ground. Don’t fret – there are solutions to these problems that can help preserve the memories of your loved one for years to come. Professional monument repairs and cleaning can help a sunken monument, faded lettering, and can restore the original luster to your family’s memorial.


Sunken Monument


Just as a headstone can erode, the ground beneath it does as well. As the earth below it softens, it is not uncommon to notice that a memorial has begun to sink into the ground. As the memorial sinks, the engraving or lettering on the monument can begin to be blocked by the ground. Adding a base to your headstone can improve its lifespan and visibility by elevating the stone from the ground. The general increase in monument size also ameliorates the overall appearance of your loved one’s gravestone.


Faded Memorial Lettering


Apart from the design of the monument itself, the most distinguishing identifier of any headstone or footstone is often the writing on it. This is a very understandable fact- the writing on a grave marker is the most clearcut method of identifying our loved ones. Emblazoned on the stones are our loved one’s names, lifespans, and most times, legacies. Unfortunately, the lettering of a monument is one of the most sensitive and erosion-prone aspects of a monument, and as such, require precise and exacting care.

That being said, it is possible to rectify the damage caused by erosion, repairing and bringing new life to a tarnished monument. Through the process of inscription. Inscription is the process of engraving new letters on an already placed memorial. As a professional Long Island monument company, we are proud of our ability to make inscriptions and refurbishments on site in order to prevent any further damage from occurring to your loved ones monument.
Engraved Monument



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