Laser Etching A New Headstone

When planning to purchase a headstone, we at J. Auricchio Monuments know that the design of how it will look is the overall most important aspect. Our highly skilled artists will design a beautiful headstone to memorialize your loved one. Headstone etching is a specialty of ours, whether you are in need of new monument lettering, you need to add new lettering to a pre-existing monument, or you need to repair a headstone. Do you know what kind of headstones can and under what circumstances they cannot be laser etched? And how exactly do we do our laser etching on your headstone? Here we’ve explained all about laser etching for you.


What Kind of Headstone Can Be Laser Etched?


There are many headstone engraving options, such as: sandblasting, hand carving, and etching. Any new headstone can be etched using our state-of-the-art laser etching machine. The key is the headstone must be new since laser etching is done on our premises. Sandblasting is also done on site with a pressurized machine of ours. By comparison, hand carving or hand etching can be done on-site and is how we would usually repair or add new lettering to a headstone that is already in the ground serving as a memorial for your loved one.

Any kind of material can be etched on. While any color can be laser etched, we recommend it be done on black colored headstones as the lettering will show up the best on this contrasting color.


How Laser Etching Is Done


Etching with a laser provides a beautifully frosted appearance to the lettering on a monument. The polish of the headstone is removed by using a fine laser in our workshop. Unlike sandblasting that penetrates deep, laser etching appears more like writing or drawing instead of engraving, since it is closer in line with the surface.

Etching a headstone with a laser presents itself very elegantly due to the minute depth and the frosted look of it. Laser etching is done in a controlled environment in our workshop, which offers an opportunity for the most refined work possible.


What Is Commonly Etched on Headstones?


Etch a Portrait into Cemetery Headstone
We can etch anything on your loved one’s headstone… from text, symbols, or even a photograph! One of the most interesting aspects of laser etching is its ability to create such precise images and replicate photographs of favorite locations, your home, or an image of the deceased. If a portrait is desired always we recommend using laser etching to achieve the best results.


Auricchio Monuments Designs Headstones With Passion and Precision


We at J. Auricchio Monuments of Long Island have been creating quality designs to honor New Yorkers and their loved one for over 65 years. For more information about our monument engraving options please contact us here.