Monument Lettering Style Options

At J. Auricchio Resurrection Monuments we understand that people are bombarded with the responsibilities of making a lot of decisions when a loved one passes away. In order to make this time a little easier for you we not only provide you with our options for monument design but also help you select the perfect one based on your aesthetic preferences and budget. One of the many questions we address for you is, “what kind of monument lettering style should I use?” A few things impact monument lettering style, most notably: the engraving technique, the typeface, and the engraving style.


Things that impact the look of your monument lettering:


1. Monument Engraving Techniques:

There are a few different techniques used for headstone engraving which we use here at J. Auricchio Ressurection Monuments:

Sandblasting: This technique used a pressurized machine to engrave the monument with lettering and images.

Hand Craving: Etching a monument by hand is also called hand-diamond etching. Our artisans at J. Auricchio Resurrection Monuments use a diamond tipped nozzle to hand carve lettering and images into
your monument.

Laser Etching: Laser Etching a white frosted lettering look.

2. Typeface:

Typeface or font style has a big impact on the overall look and feel of the monument. Common lettering choices are visible below in this image:


3. Engraving Style:

Standard: this is a cut in the monument that engraves the letters into the stone.

Raised Polish: this is like a backwards engraving of the standard look, in which the space around the words is lightly cut into the stone and the words are raised. The words have the same color and appearance as the general stone, creating the look of highlighted text.

Extra Deep: similar to the standard style, letters are engraved deeper into the stone.

Deep Cut in Sanded Panel: similar to the raised polish style, but the deeper cut “highlighted” area around the words make the highlighted area appear darker, so there is less contrast between the background and the text.

We Can Help You Select Your Headstone Etching Design

Other aspects of influence would be of course monument material choice, such as granite, bronze, sandstone, etc. the size of the monument, grave art symbols and images used, and other creative decisions. We are happy to work with you in discussing all of these options with you and learning what your loved one’s preferences were, (their favorite color, their hobbies, their faith) all of which influence personalization of design. Contact us today to learn more.