How To Reset A Damaged Headstone

Headstone Repairs

At Auricchio Resurrection Monuments, Long Island’s leading headstone etching and monument company, we have many years experience in reseting damaged headstones. We specialize in not only creating beautiful, custom upright monuments and memorials, we also repair damaged memorials on Long Island and restore them to their original beauty. If your loved one’s headstone has been damaged or dislodged, the headstone should be reset and/or leveled by an expert. Resetting a headstone is a delicate procedure, and in this blog post you’ll learn just how we reset a damaged monument.

Step by Step: Resetting a Headstone

First, We survey the area around the stone and assess the condition of the stone as well as the ground conditions. Some things we look for are: why did the stone become damaged? Was it an earthquake, vandalism, tree roots, time, erosion, water damage, or something else?

Second, Once we understand the conditions, we will begin resetting the stone by removing the surrounding grass on the top layer of ground around the memorial.

Third, Then we delicately begin digging around the monument. This is where expertise is essential, as a headstone can be more damaged while being dug out if not done delicately by professionals with experience in headstone repair. Our professionals at Aurrichhio Monuments in West Babylon, Long Island are highly trained in restoring cracked and damaged headstones.

Fourth, Once the headstone has been dug out we use our tools and equipment to level the headstone.

Fifth, Then we gradually fill in the hole with layers of sand and stone. During the process of layering the materials around the monument, we continuously tamp down the fill to ensure a tightly fitted area around your loved one’s headstone. This will help ensure the monument will not move again.

Sixth, After our experienced workmen have stabilized your Long Island monument, dirt, and lastly grass, are placed at the top layer around the headstone.


What If There Is A Base That Needs To Be Reset?

If there is a base to the headstone that needs to be reset, this is done in the same way from steps 1-4. The fifth step is then to use cement instead of sand and rock around the memorial to stabilize it.


Why Should You Choose Auricchio Resurrection Monuments to Repair Your Long Island Monument?

At Auricchio Resurrection Monuments we’ve been repairing and restoring memorials on long island since 1938. For over 65 years our family owned and operated company has been taking care of the community’s memories through proper care and repair of their headstones.

We take special care of your monuments, ever mindful of the important person they stand to acknowledge. For more information about us, click here.

In order to repair your loved one’s monument you need the best in quality craftsmanship and customer service. For monument repairs on Long Island contact us by phone: (631) 694-0940 or online. We look forward to restoring your loved one’s monument and revitalizing their memory through expert and delicate craftsmanship.