Headstone Repair on Long Island

Our expert craftsmen at Auricchio Resurrection Monuments specialize in monument repairs and maintenance. If your loved one’s headstone needs to be repaired because of damage from inclement weather, erosion, vandalism, or due to many other factors, we can help. For monument repairs on Long Island there is no one better than Aurrichio Resurrection Monuments. Below we’ve detailed some of our repair services we routinely complete for our customers.

Re-Etching Headstone Inscriptions or Artwork

If your loved one’s memorial has been damaged on the artwork or inscription it can be very upsetting. We understand the care needed when working with your loved one’s headstone, and are capable of re-etching lettering, adding new monument lettering, or fixing artwork on the headstone without needing to remove it from the cemetery.

Our hand etching, hand carving, and engraving technicians are able to replicate any style of lettering with such exacting practices that you will not be able to see where the old lettering ends and the new headstone inscription begins.

Repairing Cracked Headstones

When a headstone is damaged by a fallen tree limb, a car backing into it, and many other occurrences, the memorial can be chipped or even shattered. However, the good news is that the entire headstone may not need to be replaced– if all of the stone pieces are able to be recovered they can be reformed and repaired.

At Auricchio Resurrection Monuments we pride ourselves on our eloquent, skillful monument repairs. You will never, for instance, see drill marks, bolts, metal repair plates, or messy mortar on our repair work.

When we repair a memorial we do so with patience and expertise in order to recreate the look of the original monument. To join a fractured headstone together we customarily use epoxies that are barely visible to recreate a beautiful memorial for your loved one. Stone infill is also used to fill in gaps and help preserve crumbling gravestones.

Resetting & Reinserting The Stone

Granite and marble monuments are often erected with a wide base and topped with the headstone. This raises the memorial and creates a sense of beauty and significance. However, from harsh weather or initially improper setting, a monument may need to be reset due to shifting on this base. When we reset or install a base and headstone we take the time to apply a stone epoxy on top of the spacers between the two in order to create a firm, lasting, bond.

If a stone needs to be removed for significant repair or even replaced, we reinstall the monument with top of the line equipment in order to provide accurate and delicate placement. Our employees at Auricchio Resurrection Monuments are well trained experts and understand how to handle your precious memorials with skill and care.

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If your loved one’s memorial has been damaged from weather, erosion, or vandalism, we know how painful it can be for you. It can be very distressing to see your loved one’s memorial, meant to honor their memory and life, damaged. But we are here to help. Contact the expert artisans at Auricchio Resurrection Monuments today to discuss our many options for repairing your loved one’s memorial.