Headstone Layout Example

Choosing the inscription for a headstone is very personal and requires careful thought and consideration. All headstones purchased through Auricchio Monuments include a custom inscription created by our highly skilled craftsman. We offer a variety of lettering options, engraving styles and monument material choices.

When designing a headstone you have the freedom to include any elements you choose, assuming it follows the cemeteries guidelines. Below is an example of the most commonly used headstone layout.

Headstone Layout Example

headstone layout guide

This is an example of a typical headstone layout. The layout is only an example and created for the purpose of being used as a guide.


Caption: This is where you place a brief introduction of the deceased persons name.

Name: Usually the most prominent feature of the headstone is the persons name, written in larger lettering and bold text.

Dates:The date can be written out in words, numerical form or just include the year. This option depends on preference and design of the memorial.

Description:This is where you can describe the persons achievements, titles, close relationships or ways they’d like to be remembered.

Epitaph: This is a phrase written in honor of the person who has passed away. There are many options for epitaphs such as religious, famous quotes or even personal quotes.

Below are examples of the most common phrases written on headstones:

Most Commonly Used Phrases:
“In memory of”
“Rest in peace”
“Forever in our hearts”
Other Headstone Inscriptions:
“Here lies a beloved wife”
“Here lies a soldier who served his/her country”
“The World is a richer place because he once lived”


No matter what your preference, we can create a beautiful headstone that will honor your loved one for many years to come. Whether it’s material, size, shape or engraving we have a wide range of options. We also offer pre-planning options if you’d like to have a monument created in advance. Pre-planning is a way to reduce the burden and any unnecessary stress on family or loved ones.