Headstone Engraving at Auricchio Monuments

Cemetery Monuments Rules and Regulations

J Auricchio Monuments of Long Island, New York specializes in monument restoration and headstone lettering. We have over 75 years of experience in headstone and monument etching. Our professional techniques align with today’s modern technology, creating exceptional monument designs. The engraving process has grown over the years, the most popular methods include sandblasting, etching and hand carving. We’ve found these methods to provide the best quality designs and last for many years to come.


Headstone Engraving Options

Monument Sandblasting:

Our sandblasted technique uses a pressurized machine, mixed with sand to engrave the monuments letters, symbols and images. The sandblasting process is similar to the process of erosion, except it’s a lot more faster. When choosing to have your monument engraved using the sandblasting technique, we use a stencil to replicate the image. Once you’ve given your final approval on the design of the monument, we can begin the carving process. Before sandblasting the monument, we polish the stone. A stencil of the design is placed around the polished headstone, followed by our craftsman carving out the area.

Monument Etching:

Etching is most commonly performed on black headstones. Etching unlike sandblasting, does not penetrate as deeply into the surface. Etching is most commonly performed using a laser and will provide a white frosted type of lettering. Using a laser to etch the design will provide an exact copy of the headstones design.

Hand Carving:

Another form of etching is called hand-diamond etching. It’s called hand-diamond etching because of the diamond tipped nozzle used to sketch the design. Hand carving your monuments design will provide a more rustic type of look.


At Auricchio Monuments we offer all three of these monument engraving options. We’re well known in the Long Island area for creating high quality designs that will honor your loved one. If you’d like more info on our monument engraving options contact us here.