Guide to Designing a Headstone

At J. Auricchio Resurrection Monuments, we have over 65 years of experience working with families and helping them to create a lasting memorial to honor their loved one. There are many aspects to consider when buying a headstone: color, material, design, lettering styles, inscriptions, and size. Check out our buying guide to help you decide on the best monument design to honor your loved one.


The characteristics of a headstone’s design all influence one another, so it is important to decide what kind of look you want and what is most important to you: engraving style, color, etc. For instance, if you prefer the look of laser etching over sandblasting, you may want to lean toward a black headstone as the color contrast is more defined. Or if you are most concerned with a headstone that matched your late mother’s favorite color (red) you may want to explore that first. Below is a list of the factors to consider when designing a headstone.

red headstone


Color Choices:

  • African Impala
  • Evergreen
  • Blue Pearl
  • Red Granite
  • Black Granite
  • Pink Granite
  • Barre Grey
  • Georgia Grey
  • Bahama Blue
  • Indian Red
  • Indian Black
  • Headstone Material Options:

  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Fieldstone
  • Concrete
  • Bronze
  • Sandstone
  • Limestone
  • And more! Please contact us directly to discuss your color options as certain climates influence how well specific colors stand over time. Additionally, there are some engraving techniques that are better performed on different colors for contrast.


    Engraving Options

  • Sandblasting
  • Laser Etching
  • Hand Carving
  • Lettering Styles

  • V-Sunk Sandblasting
  • Shallow Blown Sandblasting
  • Outlined Frost Sandblasting

    Each style of new monument lettering offers its own benefits and fits well with different color and material combinations. Our V-Sunk technique is one of the more commonly used styles of new headstone lettering. The Shallow Blown technique shows best on black as the cuts cause light to reflect for added contrast. Outlined Frost is a headstone lettering technique that uses double outlined letters for boldness.


    Family Memorials

    Headstone Inscriptions

    Memorials are used to describe details of a person’s life, with inscriptions that are often short and sweet, with such epitaphs as: “Loving and devoted wife,” and, “Always in our hearts.” In addition there are the customary details of their name, date of birth and date of death. Many people also choose to list the age the person was at the time of their passing and who they are survived by. You can really include anything you wish on your loved one’s headstone, within reason of course. Perhaps a quote from their favorite song, poem, or a passage from the bible or other holy book they or the family have found comfort in.


    Headstone Sizes

    Headstones and memorializing monuments can be made in all shapes and sizes. The size most often depends on your financial budget, the cemetery regulations, and the inscription you’d like. Please contact us directly to discuss these options as we would be happy to go through the different cemetery regulations and design the perfect headstone to fit your desire and budget.