Etching Your Loved One’s Monument

At J. Auricchio Resurrection Monuments of West Babylon, NY we know quality! Our business has serviced long island since 1938 and our experience has engrained us with a personal requirement for excellence. Our monument designers and artists have decades of experience, ensuring that every memorial design is constructed with meticulous attention to detail. We specialize in hand etching and laser etching precision images of beauty.

Etching an inscription and a design into a headstone is a way to personalize your tribute to your loved one. The design of a monument will reflect on your loved one’s achievements, interests, and beliefs through artwork and words. We offer customized designs as well as some pre-fab images for you to choose from, to learn more please contact us to discuss the best choice for your loved one’s headstone.

There are different ways we can change the look of a headstone to appear natural or elegant, for instance by choosing sandblasting, hand or laser etching. Hand and laser etching offer the most control over the materials and detail.


Portrait Etching

Etch a Portrait into Cemetery Headstone

We can etch a portrait of your loved one, as seen here.

Designs Etching

Carved Rosaries in Cemetery Monument

Here you can see our hand carved roses and hand carved rosary, which has been polished on the Indian Red monument.


How is Hand Etching Done?

Hand etching is done by the use of a diamond-tipped engraving tool. The artist is then able to draw, or ‘etch,’ directly onto the monument. Black granite is commonly used as the material for a headstone with this form of etching as it provides the most color contrast. However, material should be chosen while taking into consideration beauty, style, cemetery location (ie. influences of weather etc. of the area) and personal aesthetic preference.

Benefits of Hand Etching

• Provides a “rustic,” or “natural,” look that many people find comforting.
• Hand etchings tend to be very deeply done into the rock, giving the headstone an impressive feel that will last through the years.
• Allows for very fine, detailed work.
• Work can be done on-site, which means alteration and additions can always be made later without needing to remove your loved one’s headstone.


How is Laser Etching Done?

Laser etching involves removing the polish from the monument with a laser and revealing the lighter stone beneath. This laser is moved across the stone to create beautiful images that can be an exact reproduction of a photograph or drawing. In order for the laser to be used the headstone must be brought into the workshop.

Benefits of Laser Etching

• A portrait of the deceased is a common thing created with laser etching, as the laser can create an exact replica of a digital image. The practice of memorializing loved ones with portraits is becoming more and more popular today.
• The laser provides an exact replication of images: pictures, scenes of a homeland or favorite place, drawings done by loved ones, etc. Because of this it can be very personalized.
• Provides a very “polished” look.
• Allows for very fine detailed work.
• Work is done in the workshop in a controlled environment.



If you wish to etch an additional image or inscription into your loved one’s standing headstone or monument we can of course help with that too. In that case the engraving would be done on site without ever removing the monument from the cemetery. We take tracings of the existing letters to ensure exact replication of style and size. You will have full approval of the example we provide you and once you have approved it we will get to work on the monument.

Contact us today to discuss design options and let us help create a beautiful monument as a tribute to your loved one.