Creative Headstones

J. Auricchio Resurrection Monuments of Long Island has been creating headstones since 1938. There is nothing we enjoy more than allowing our client a moment of peace and satisfaction as we provide them a beautiful headstone to memorialize and honor their loved one. We are always amazed at how creative and loving people can be, as we see through inscriptions, design requests, and even customized headstone shapes. If you are a creative person pre-planning your monument is one way to ensure that your personality shows in your memorial.

Discuss your creative ideas for your own pre-planned headstone or a monument to honor a loved one today!

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Creative Inscriptions



Families often choose standard inscriptions for the headstone, such as the family name, the first name of the deceased, and their date of birth and date of death. Other times though families may get more creative with the headstone’s inscription, such as:

Etching a few bars of music into a headstone for a music lover. This is an exceptionally fun tribute as someone can come and not only read the headstone years later but play or sing the song right there as tribute.
Writing a few lines of the lyrics to their wedding song on their spouse’s headstone or on the headstone of a double plot for a couple.
• A comforting phrase or passage from a sacred text that brings comfort to the bereaved and the soul of the deceased.


Innovative Designs


Etch a Portrait into Cemetery Headstone

Our state-of-the-art laser etching machine allows us to create extremely accurate and beautiful designs for our customers. Some of the requests we can fulfill include:

• A portrait of the deceased etched into the stone in undeniable detail.
• A landscape etched: for a proud Scottish or Italian family for example you could have a picture of your family land or homeland etched.
Hand carved, or hand-diamond etched symbols such as doves, a rosary, or other meaningful symbol.
Images of hobbies etched into the stone, such as golf clubs, a paintbrush and palette, a violin, sailboat, or other object that holds special value to the deceased.


Customizable Headstone Shapes


Some beautiful headstones come in very standard sizes. However, it is always an impressive thing to see someone smile so brightly at a creatively carved headstone, such as these shapes:

• A headstone carved into the shape of a heart with a 3-D dolphin jumping over it.
• A double headstone or a family monument for a family estate plot shaped like two hearts that meet.
• A headstone shaped into a Celtic cross with the circle intertwining the arms of the cross.
• A standard cross as the entirety of the headstone or standing on top of a kind of raised stone alter.
• An angel, child, mother or other stone figure carved into the side of the headstone in 3-D.
• A dog, cat, or other beloved pet carved into the shape of the headstone or sitting in 3-D at the base of it.
• The 3-D shape of a sailboat represented as the headstone shape.