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Etching Your Loved One’s Monument


At J. Auricchio Resurrection Monuments of West Babylon, NY we know quality! Our business has serviced long island since 1938 and our experience has engrained us with a personal requirement for excellence. Our monument designers and artists have decades of experience, ensuring that every memorial design is constructed with meticulous attention to detail. We specialize… Read more »

How To Maintain a Headstone

Cleaning a monument is paramount to maintaining your loved one’s headstone. Cleaning a monument may at first seem like a simple task, but it takes expert knowledge to not do more harm than good. Our expert team of professionals at J. Auricchio Monuments determines the cleaning technique based on the material and how it was… Read more »

Cemetery Rules: Did you Know?


When a loved one passes, we at J. Auricchio Resurrection Monuments of West Babylon, NY understand just how hard it is to consider their final resting place. Our years of experience working with families and cemeteries can help ease the process for you. Let us help make this time a little easier on you and… Read more »

8 Rules for Purchasing a Headstone

We understand the stress and heartache that may be inflicted upon you, during the passing of a loved one. At Auricchio Resurrection Monuments, of West Babylon, Long Island NY, we have created a list to prepare you and ease the process. Listed below are the most eight important things to consider, number one being most… Read more »

Pet Memorials and Monuments

At J Auricchio Resurrection Monuments a monument company of Long Island, New York, we understand pets are part of the family and how devastating losing one can be. They deserve the same treatment, as any other family member and we can help you do just that. We help create Pet Monuments and Memorials, that honor… Read more »

Proper Care Instructions for Monuments

Proper care for your monument or memorial, ensures the quality is kept for years to come. Preserving the memories of your loved one is important and keeping their memorial in good shape is one of many ways you can do just that! There is a specific process to cleaning your monument and at J Auricchio… Read more »

Monument Enhancement

Unfortunately, all monuments fade over time. Erosion occurs naturally with the passing of time, and this can take its toll on monuments. Lettering may fade, or headstones may begin to sink into the ground. Don’t fret – there are solutions to these problems that can help preserve the memories of your loved one for years… Read more »

Welcome to Our Monuments Blog

J. Auricchio Resurrection Monuments would like to welcome you to our new blog. It is our hope that we can provide you with quality information so you can better choose your cemetery monument to memorialize your loved one. Choosing a cemetery monument can be an overwhelming task when you lose a loved one. It is… Read more »