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Creative Headstones


J. Auricchio Resurrection Monuments of Long Island has been creating headstones since 1938. There is nothing we enjoy more than allowing our client a moment of peace and satisfaction as we provide them a beautiful headstone to memorialize and honor their loved one. We are always amazed at how creative and loving people can be,… Read more »

Headstone Symbolism & Grave Art

Etch a Portrait into Cemetery Headstone

At Auricchio Resurrection Monuments, our expert artists help customers each day design the headstone that will best honor a passed loved one. Our artists at Auricchio Resurrection Monuments are highly knowledgeable of common headstone decorations and capable of customizing any look. We can even create customized grave art for your own pre-planned cemetery monument. One… Read more »

Laser Etching A New Headstone

When planning to purchase a headstone, we at J. Auricchio Monuments know that the design of how it will look is the overall most important aspect. Our highly skilled artists will design a beautiful headstone to memorialize your loved one. Headstone etching is a specialty of ours, whether you are in need of new monument… Read more »

New Monument Material Choices

Etch a Portrait into Cemetery Headstone

There are many different materials that we at Auricchio Resurrection Monuments can use to customize a beautiful monument for your loved one. The most common materials that we often use to create headstones are granite, marble, and bronze. Depending on the type of look you want: rustic or polished, what kind of climate and weather… Read more »

Guide to Designing a Headstone

At J. Auricchio Resurrection Monuments, we have over 65 years of experience working with families and helping them to create a lasting memorial to honor their loved one. There are many aspects to consider when buying a headstone: color, material, design, lettering styles, inscriptions, and size. Check out our buying guide to help you decide… Read more »

Washington Monument Repaired & Reopen

As people we honor our history and revere our loved ones through the practice of erecting monuments and memorials. We at J. Auricchio Resurrection Monuments of Long Island are experts at creating, maintaining, and restoring damaged monuments. Monuments can last for hundreds of years when properly maintained, as we have seen with the Washington Monument,… Read more »

Pre-Planning Your Monument

At J. Auricchio Resurrection Monuments, of Long Island, we understand that preparation done with the utmost respect and care is essential for every single person for whom death comes. While some may feel pre-planning as uncomfortable, it is of course inevitable that we will all pass on, and the legacy we leave through our headstone,… Read more »

Headstone Engraving at Auricchio Monuments

Family Memorials

J Auricchio Monuments of Long Island, New York specializes in monument restoration and headstone lettering. We have over 75 years of experience in headstone and monument etching. Our professional techniques align with today’s modern technology, creating exceptional monument designs. The engraving process has grown over the years, the most popular methods include sandblasting, etching and… Read more »

4 Reasons your Monument Needs to be Repaired

Engraved Monument

At J. Auricchio Resurrection Monuments of Long Island, NY, we specialize in repairing and restoring monuments back to their original state. If you’re loved one’s monument is suffering from any of these common defects it may be time to have your monument repaired. Our monument repair services include new lettering, professional cleaning and adding a… Read more »

Our Monument Repair and Restoration Process


Over time headstones or monuments tend to suffer cracks, scuffs and fading letters, mostly due to weather conditions. At. J Auricchio Ressurection Monuments, of West Babylon, Long Island, we provide monument repair and cleaning services to have them looking like new. Our process of repairing the lettering or appearance of your monument, is explained in… Read more »